March 5-6 Symposium in Kochi Core Center

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Supported by

JSPS 研究拠点形成事業:Core-to-Core Program/ Asia-Africa Science Platform

九州大学地球惑星科学部門:Kyushu University Earth and Planetary Science

WHEEL Project:Whole history of Earth environmental change recorded locations joint Project

高知大学 海洋コア総合研究センターCenter for Advanced Marine Core Research, Kochi University

地球掘削科学国際研究拠点:Joint Usage/Research Center for Drilling Earth Science:

高知コアセンター共同利用集会 補助金:Kochi core center joint-use meeting subsidy

産総研GSJ(Geological Survey of Japan)

国立極地研究所(National Institute of Polar Research : SHRIMP Lab)

茨城大学 (Ibaraki University)

国立科学博物館 (National Museum of Nature and Science (geology)